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^^^ PP, others,

Yes, the AG2004D Tour doesn't really appeal so much to me now. However, at the beginning of the year when I was looking at the RD7, when more weighty, low powered frames with great feel were what I was prioritizing, it did interest me. The thing is, demoing etc is not the common practice in the UK as it is states-side, and therefore, if certain frames come up (usually at a competitive price or for trade via a bunch of us UK Racketaholics), I tend to go for it. If the racket doesn't do it for me, it's re-circulated back through UK Racketaholics or other channels...

On the other hand, the Extreme Pro sounds much more like what I'm presently into and prioritizing...

I keenly await your reviews on the TF V02 320 and 325 PP! I especially would appreciate hearing your thoughts on how smoothly these frames swing and find the ball and go through the gears (if you know what I mean)... this is already an issue for me with the PSTGT+ as, and PED mentioned this too when replying to HitItHarder re the PSTGT, the racket kind of seems to swing a tiny bit slowly and doesn't quite get to the ball with the desired fluidity... must be balance and weighting related... anyhow...

2 other frames I've long wanted to check (in fact the most prized of all recent frames for me) are the YT PP (got 1 coming) and... "Ahem"... the BLX 95!...

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