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So there's an issue...

Woke up this morning with a feeling of nagging doubt and self-recrimination not experienced since my early twenties... you know, like, when your girlfriend would go away for the weekend with her folks?... ahem...

Er, right, "my issue" with the PSTGT+... balance and weighting - it doesn't seem to quite swing so smoothly or get to the ball with the kind of fluidity - and shift into that extra gear (as PED would say), and that, for me, is very important... frames such as, say, the C10 Pro, N95, MG Pres mid, and - latterly (though it has taken me a while) - the APD, all seem to to have this quality, in my book anyhow. I thought it was the added length of the + size that was the cause, but then I was alerted to (thx H) and remembered something else of no little importance: a few years back this was one of my main gripes the the Carbon-Extreme PST ... you know what it reminds me of boys?... it's kind of like getting it together with the sister of your ex, only to be reminded of your ex by some glaring personality fault like her habitual lieing, or terrible trash TV shows that she to watch all the bloody time, or that crystal meths habit, right? ... but I digress.

("Clears throat.")

So... I keenly await arrival of my APD next week with it's Solinco Tour Bite @ 52 lbs string-job... oh yes, and I also have 3 or 4 other frames coming in and I'll need to look at; I have about 10 I need to sell; and I have to decide if I really want to chase a TF Vo2 325; oh... and do I really want to restring and revisit my first great love - the PD+?

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