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Nice thread. I still have a lot of it left to read, but I'm loving it so far!

For me, this was the summer of racquet acquisition. It all started with two HPS 6.1 95's that I scored off of TW's retired demos program. I figured that for $150, it wasn't a bad deal. My agenda, however, was to finally, mercifully, find something that plays like my n95. The K6.1 wasn't close, the BLX6.1 was better, but still not up to snuff, so I figured going back in time might be what I needed.

So, I set about playing with the HPS 6.1's. I was off to a good start when, lo and behold, a used n95 shows up on TW's used racquets page. Eureka! I jump on the opportunity, and find myself with a backup to the racquet that I love so dearly. Wilson's awful QC is bypassed; they got it right for once, and both n95's feel the same.

Ah but alas! The racquet bug has bitten me...what to do? Fast forward to Labor Day. Those of you who don't live close to TW probably aren't familiar with the amazing sales their retail store has during this time of year. San Luis Obispo is only about 200 miles away from me, however, so off I went. Here, the virus that the racquet bug left me with morphed into a superstrain of You-Only-Live-Once-It's-Only-Money-itis, and I got a sweet deal on an APDC. My stalwart opposition to tweener racquets broken and my pockets virtually empty, I went to courts slightly dejected, but the weight of shot I achieved with the APDC quickly put a smile on my face. In addition - I'm left handed, I strung the beast with RPM Blast, and I hit every forehand crosscourt to my opponent's backhand. Needless to say, I was about four "Vamos!"es away from transforming into Rafa himself.

As good as this felt, I had decisions to make. During the school year I live in a pretty small apartment, and my roommates would not be cool with racquet clutter all over the place. Some frames would have to stay behind. The lucky ones that got to come with me are: the newly acquired APDC and my two trusty KBT's, both of whom confront my numerous affairs with other racquets with an endearing nonchalant-ness.

Now all I have left to do is actually play some tennis! I can't wait to see what this school year has to offer. Provided I'm not too swamped by the increasing demands of classes, I'll make sure to keep all of you informed on the juicy details of every swing.
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