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I salute your good taste Sir!... PT630 is in many ways my fave ever racket (to say it is 'good off the ground' is a bit like saying 'Shakespeare wasn't bad at writing!' Or Miles Davis could 'play a few notes!' Or Michael Jordan 'could play a bit of basketball!' ) LOL... I tried for years to get it to suit me but it was always a bit beyond my capabilities and not wholly suitable to my game. And by uncanny co-incidence: I actually checked out the Vantages too, and for the reason I thought I could find one that was similarish to a Pro Tour (you know, but like with an open pattern and a bit less demanding)... great crisp, control racket with wonderful quality build and all court excellence... just not quite what I'm looking for now, bit a lovely racket there amigo.


Interesting and funny... I, too, keep getting these rackets just thrust upon me and through no good fault of my own!... keep the gossip coming on those numerous affairs!

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