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Originally Posted by George Foreman
Well itís one of those fights that I hope never happens because Pacquiao doesnít need Mayweather in his life. Itíll be one of those life changing experiences for Pacquiao, especially. For instance, I didnít have to fight Muhammad Ali. I really didnít have to take that fight. I took the fight and it turned into more than just a boxing match. It became a political statement, one way and the other, and today weíre great friends but if I had to do it over again, because of all the other sprinkling on the pies, I never would have taken part in such a fight. I think Pacquiao had a nice name. Mayweather started to slander him, say things like he was taking drugs. When you start running into people like that, itís best that you stay away from them. Itís not even necessary to even have them in your life. But if the fight does take place, I think that Pacquiao wins because heís got the momentum, he has a real trainer, and heís willing to take the fight. Heíd probably beat Mayweather, probably. Not to say Mayweather isnít a wonderful fighter. He is the best fighter Iíve ever seen in my life, but he canít beat Pacquiao because there is something else going on in that fight business. Not the Xís and the Oís, but thereís something else.
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