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Well I got to take out my new (to me anyway) YT Extreme Pro yesterday for a test drive with some general practice and then two practice sets. At this point, I just don't quite know what I think. This stick reminds me of the YT Rad Pro in so many ways that I am having a hard time distinguishing between the two at this point. I need some more time with the racquet to see the differences.

The YTEP definately has a stiffer feel than the Radical Pro, but performance wise both racquets are very close. Big topspin off both wings, good stability, whippy polarized feel. Solid at the net for volleys and overheads. It also seems to have more power. I had to back off some of my strokes and I am not sure that is a good thing. All this racquet switching is causing some hitches to develop in my groundstrokes as I adjust for power and SW.

I think I need to stick to one racquet for a couple weeks to iron some of those things out. I think I am going to hit exclusively with the EP for a while and see how it goes. I should get in some good quality drilling on Tuesday, so I will report back after that. Right now, no big "wow" revelation switching between the YT Rad Pro, the APDGT and this new YT Extreme Pro.
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