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Oh Ross..I always knew a day like this would come for you. Admittedly, I think that you may be destined to forever be a racquet journeyman never really settling down with one.

I thought, when I saw that you had gone with the MGP mid, that you were finally going to have a bit of happiness and stability in your game. I know that I have found the joy of tennis with my YTP mids.

I don't think that the previous nod for you to try out the ASTGT would be a good frame. It requires more work for less results. I found the PST much more gratifying and easier to hit with.

Nonetheless, I am thoroughly enthralled with your racquet quest. I think that if you could get your hands on a few TGK 237.1 (IIRC, that the Prestige Mid but with a 16x19 pattern) you would be quite pleased and it would be the certain end to your racquet quest. Yes, I recall your gripes about the PM being too demanding but once you dedicate youself to it and find the groove, the shots you can produce are truly amazing.

BTW, should you decide to part with any of your lovely, flexy head frames (PT630, Rad TT, etc) or even that RD7 let me know. I may be interested.
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