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Default new racket for 40-something w/ rotator cuff and joint probs

Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this forum.

I'm in my 40s now. I played tennis in my teens, in college and in to the early 30s. The I got married, have 2 kids, dogs, house, etc.

I really miss tennis! But because I have hyper-mobile joints and am recovering from a rotator cuff tear, I haven't played in years. My kids are 10 and 7. They've been asking for years for me to teach them.

OK, well... I felt they're finally mature enough not to get mad if they make a mistake. So I got a kid's racquet for the kids and off to the courts we went.

It only took me a couple of short swings & volleys to realize my old racquets aren't going to work and will make my injury worse if I continue to play with them. I have an 1980s Pro Kennex Graphite Ace and a Prince Graphite Comp. They're both way too heavy. I can't find any specs on them so I don't know their actual weight, etc.

Right now, the kids and I are playing in the no man's land. That's as far as the 10 yo can hit the ball. The 7 yo is showing me the vocabulary words she's learned from her dad. Yippie.

Although I probably played at a 3.0 level when I stopped playing 10 years ago, I'm no where near that now. I s#*% (no, I don't say that word in front of my kids). My 10 year old will pass my ability this year or into the next year, if she continues to play.

So, I need a different racquet. When I played, I twisted my wrist a few times. But I didn't have tennis elbow or injuries to my shoulder. Now, I have to be careful with my shoulder and other joints, but my primary focus is my shoulder. I probably will not go beyond light strokes and volleying. I may never serve again.

In my mind, I'm the 3.0 player of 10 years ago. I dream of ripping those backhands down the line and those volleys which barely cleared the net and not many could return b/c I had mastered short volleys with great backspin. Truthfully, I guess I'm a reborn beginner. Ouch, that hurts.

So, I'm searching for a much lighter racquet. I found the Wilson BLX six-one lite and the Dunlop Aerogel (too may trims to name). I bet there are other very light racquets I just haven't found yet.

I'm reading on this forum that too light is bad. I can't understand how that could be for a beginner.

Does anyone have any advise to offer. I'd like hear all opinions but I am especially interested in anyone who has experienced a rotator cuff injury. It would so be the icing on the cake if anyone has hyper-mobile joints and can chime in.

Thank you!
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