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Originally Posted by Roger88 View Post
You say you are recovering from a rotator cuff tear. I would ask your Dr. what exercises i could do to improve my condition.
Absolutely this. Did you have surgery to repair a torn rotator or are you recovering from a non surgical R.C. problem? As someone with a prior history of rotator cuff problems and tennis elbow, I would talk to my doctor about how best to proceed. It's not very fun to not be able to lift your arm above your shoulder without pain and it's not worth adding more rehab time to your rotator simply for the sake of hitting tennis balls.

That said. I'd have to second (or 3rd 4th or 5th) the Volkl V1 Classic. If you're not sure about serving again, chances are your tennis career is going to consist mostly of having fun with your kids and rallying with people around your same 3.0(ish) level. The V1 is great for every level of player so even if you get to the point physically where you can serve and play matches and be somewhat competative, the V1 will take you as far as you can go.
You'll never outgrow it.

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