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At Cornell University Reis Tennis Center we use an online scheduling and booking system. It's been a huge improvement for for the members service and revenue of our tennis facility.

We knew we needing something to help us get organized and online cause we were working with mistake-prone and difficult-to-access paper notebooks. A search turned up a few systems and we went with after a bit of research. A big reason for us was that they didn't need any up-front money from us. Everyone else wanted a setup fee, and it was hard to get approval for that from an administration that knew nothing about the system's effectiveness (we can now show that court fees from increased bookings far exceed the system cost).

The company was good at working with us to customize the system to our particular needs. For example, we have some issues related to students paying different court fees and other non-profit-related things that made our needs a bit different from a commercial club. We went live within about a month.

We are very happy with how the system has worked out for us. Scheduling is now MUCH more organized -much better than the 3-ring binder and white-out. The system is very reliable and scheduling errors are gone. Our members now see and book most of their court-time online which increases usage and cuts down on phone tag with the front desk. Our varsity coaches love it too. They can setup practice time from the road. If a player is away with the coach at a tournament, decides he wants to work on serves or whatever the day they get back to Ithaca, the coach can just pull out a smartphone and block off the court time then and there.

I'd recommend our's or a similar system to anyone.

Marty Johnson, Reis Tennis Center
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