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Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
Greg Raven has his frame and the balance was 31.5, with a 362.5g weight and a 338 SW. If I'm willing to trust anybody it's the guy who is a pro stringer and has a picture of Fed's K6.1 with the little "ROGER" sticker above the grip and the powerpads
Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I've never really been interested in Federer's exact racquet specs, so this is all quite new to me, but now my friend has one of his racquets (earlier in this thread Ron confirmed he strung that racquet), I am taking an interest

Greg's specs look like they may be about right to me, but if they are then surely Art Art's (balance 31.8, weight 364g, SW 355) are wrong. I don't see how they can both be right, as they have similar balance and weight but SW is totally different!

My friends Federer racquet has a balance of 32.1cm, but I don't know weight or SW yet. I will try and find out, although it may take a while.
I still don't see how Greg and ArtArt can both be right. Nobody has explained how with a weight of about 364g, the SW can be 355 on such a HL racquet?

My friend can't weigh his racquet (no scales, but it's probably about 364g anyway) and can't measure SW. However he has checked under grommets/bumper at top of racquet and there is one layer of very thin lead across the top 10 grommets (on both sides), about 5" or 12cm each side, which I guess would only be about 3g in weight. He also carefully looked under overgrip, and it is a P1 leather grip underneath not Wilson!

So along with balance of 32.1cm, that's all the info I can get on this Federer K90 racquet. Am looking forward to seeing balance of Fabfeds 4 racquets.

Thanks in advance Fabfed, and I hope you enjoy the Grand Prix

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