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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I still don't see how Greg and ArtArt can both be right. Nobody has explained how with a weight of about 364g, the SW can be 355 on such a HL racquet?

My friend can't weigh his racquet (no scales, but it's probably about 364g anyway) and can't measure SW. However he has checked under grommets/bumper at top of racquet and there is one layer of very thin lead across the top 10 grommets (on both sides), about 5" or 12cm each side, which I guess would only be about 3g in weight. He also carefully looked under overgrip, and it is a P1 leather grip underneath not Wilson!

So along with balance of 32.1cm, that's all the info I can get on this Federer K90 racquet. Am looking forward to seeing balance of Fabfeds 4 racquets.

Thanks in advance Fabfed, and I hope you enjoy the Grand Prix
Hey jimbo, thanks. Wow, very brave of your friend to look both under the bumper and overgrip I should be getting the balance board by tomorrow, so I'll get the racquets measured soon.
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