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Default Forget About Whip Effect Theory

Originally Posted by spacediver View Post
Ok, so first an observation I've made regarding how to serve properly. I've often heard it said that the shoulders should be square with the net at the same time that the arm reaches full extension. The idea is that alignining the timing of the shoulder/chest turn with the timing of the arm extension allows for most efficient power transfer to the ball.

One of the posters here (jollyroger) even posted side by side comparison photos of his serve vs. another poster's serve which illustrated this beautifully.
I think Whip Effect Theory cannot be used to describe a tennis serve. In theory, they assume, there is only one active element the handle. But, any limb of the body is active. Each of them has at least one joint and a hundreds of muscles. Each of this muscle can be treated as handle as well. How can our brain provide synchronization of all of these (hundreds) handles to make our body to follow this theory.
For example, if we tied three handle to the one whip and ask three people use them at the same time to produce cracking effect, I believe nothing happens.
I made the experiment for forehand stroke. I kept my right arm relaxed and rotated my torso, hips, and shoulders as fast as possible. I created very weak whip effect and pitiful forehand.
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