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Okay, some of my questions:

* Where were you based in Argentina when you were there and where do you plan on basing this 'camp'?
* How long were you there?
*What sort of surface are you looking to do the majority of training on?
*Can you speak Spanish?
* Do you have an idea of Accomodation/Courts/Gyms/Coaches/Professional Players we can hit with?
* Could you please send a video of you hitting the main shots Serve/forehand/backhand?
* Do you have a background in other sports?

I've realized how hard it is to accurately self assess how good we are as players now that I'm attempting to portray to you my level.

If I go by the ratings that I've seen, I'm probably quite low. Say 3.0 to 4.0.

I used to play when I was younger (9,10,11yrs old). Then I stopped, partly because I was wanted for other sports, partly because the older I got, the more I was interested in other things. (Music...girls....etc) I remember being one of the better players, but never putting everything into it because of other sport commitments. I can remember entering 2 tournaments. One, I won (against a girl The other, was against older guys. I stayed at my friends place who was also competing in the tournament. We spent the whole weekend practicing a "special" handshake for when we won doubles points.......We got smoked and didn't get to use our handshake much:P

Now, I'm turning 30 next month and I've got he fire in my belly to see how good I can get at tennis. I've been playing this year whenever/where ever I can.

I've been travelling for the last couple of months and managed to get some hits/coaching in Canada, Bulgaria and now in China.

I have power, and apparently potential, but lack consistency, footwork and general muscle memory.

I'd LOVE to see if I could eventually compete in a pro tournament like the Futures.

2 issues on my end with your current idea:

a)-I sprained my ankle 3 day's ago and still can't walk 'normally'. I can only get around by hobbling like Karate Kid in the final fight against that blonde guy.

b)-I have to be in Canada in November, so at best I could only get there by December. However this will give me time to get my ankle right.

One other thing......if I say I will do something, then I try my best to honor it. I unfortunately can't commit to 3 months straight off the bat. A month to see how things go and how the stars are aligned could be doable for me.

Anyway, enough from me. Let me know your thoughts. If you don't think I'm good enough, that's cool.

Btw, Do you think you'll go through with this if nobody else joins you?

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