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Hi QiRoy,

Too bad with the sprained ancle! Well at least now u have the time to train ur karate kid crane stance /) Since u wouldnt be able to join until december i think we can go into detail when that time comes, but let me give u some short answers: If in Argentina (Buenos Aires), the best place to base ourselves would be the Vilas academy/country/tennis club. It is some 80 usd per month and u get to use some 14 clay courts, two gard courts, great gym, pool area, restaurant, two 5 a side soccor field, beach volley, ie amazing place, of course no lessons included in this price. A very good hitting guy (eg a guy with future experience) would cost us 1k usd/month for 20hrs/week (ie quite cheap) A nice 3 bedroom apart nearby the courts would run 1200-1500 usd/month, food, drinks, bars/discos, transport is very, very cheap compared to USA or Europe.....and the women are absolutely stunning, if one doesnt mind stunning caucasian women!
Yes I speak spanish (portuguese, french and english and will get by in german). I still play football (soccor) at quite a high level(with and against former danish national squad players in their 30s) and im very fit and fast.

Concerning ur level, well there would be some practical issues regarding the training if our level are very different, thats why a group of 3-5 is better. Good to hear that u have the fire in the belly though

How long were u in China for, think about going there myself (plus India)?

@ mix_ice asia is not out of the question, r u from Asia, what is ur level and r u serious about doin something like this?

@ jeffy_005 yes u should count on 1500 usd/month (excl air fare) if this is done in Buenos Aires, in Asia if could probably be done for 1k usd/month/person at a group of 3-5 players.
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