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I've only been in China for 2 weeks (Shanghai). Will be here for about 3 more.

Had hit with 3 'coaches' until I rolled my ankle. So far, my impression of Shanghai tennis hasn't been that great. Apparently the last coach was ranked number 13 in China at some stage.

He said that he's, "THE best in Shanghai". I'm not sure if he meant coach or player now I think about it. He was accurate, but I did expect more from a former no 13 in China. However he was better than the first 2 guys.

He cost 300RMB/hour. Court fees were extra. Indoor courts were 300RMB. 120RMB for outdoor courts at night. 100RMB for indoor courts. Club membership was 32000 RMB for the year and from what I could understand, just meant cheaper courts, not use-as-much-as-you-like courts.

This was at the Regal Hotel courts btw. I stayed there for the first week, until I did my ankle. Seemed like a rip off really. I've now moved into a hostel. I'm not even sure that you can use those courts without staying at the hotel, having a membership, or being with a member.

I know Shanghai is expensive compared to the rest of Asia, so if you/we were to set up camp in Asia, it doesn't seem like shanghai would be the place to do it.
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