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Hey peoplespeace,

I sense you're genuine about this and so am I.

To me Argentina sounds awesome (and relatively cheap from what you've said) considering what facilites you have access to for that membership cost.

Having said that, I'm open to other suggestions.

mix_ice, do you have any concrete places/prices with good facilites that you know of? Or are you thinking that there must be some cheap place in Asia and that it will be less expensive because you're already there?

I'm seriously open to suggestions, but for some reason Argentina is exciting me more than Asia at this point.

Also, I really do think that, as much as I don't particularly want to share video unnecessarily with the world, it would help everybody considering this mission, to make appropriate decisions about whether it would be right for them. And I guess it shows some level of credibility.

Plus, I don't want to be the guy that travelled half way around the world to train with a group of guys, and then realized that I'm no use to anyone and in the way because my level was.......well, on the wrong level, so to speak.

I'm willing to put a short video out there if you are peoplespeace.
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