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Originally Posted by QiRoy View Post
tennis_balla - Cool that we've got some experience here!

Out of curiosity, what would be the approximate cost for an average-to-low-end touring coach?

And how do you think this idea of peoplespeace could be tweaked to get better results? Or do you think it's the wrong way to do it?
It depends how much you wanna spend time on court, if you want the coach to travel with you to tournaments and so on. Prices are always negotiable depending on whats involved. Not sure what you mean by average or low end. Besides, most guys just travel on their own and get coaching whenever they're back home or get a coach to come with them on the bigger tourneys if they can afford it.
Think of it this way, you can get a deal with a coach if you pay up front for lets say a months worth of training. That would say you some $$, but expect to pay his hotel, meals, travel expenses plus salary if you expect anyone to travel with you to tournaments.
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