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Originally Posted by fed_the_savior View Post
I've worked really hard to produce quality posts. I think Odd and Ends has had some higher quality posts than General Pro Player.

Plus, what's wrong with having a goal in life... every tennis player wants to be a level higher. Sure, spammers are gonna spam, but everything is meaningless recognition if you really want to be cynical.

If you want to pick on someone, why me? I don't have over 10k posts like a lot of '***** do.
I could not agree more Pro Player Discussion is a complete cesspool and is one huge ugly running joke about who can make the more ridiculous thread and the self appointed trolls that dont get it and try to tell them(yes some lolz are to be had) how ridiculous it is. Odds and Ends is far more enriching to the TTW community, GPP is valuable only in the fact that it keeps *******s and Nadalcoholics mostly distracted and thus other boards are all the better for it. Just my 2 cents
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