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@ everybody....doing this in Europe would be great apart from two problems; one is the weather which is getting cold(er) and two is the cost of attaching a future level player to the group some 2-3 hrs/day, in Europe this i dont think can be done for 1usd/month as u can in other parts of the world. Playing tournaments is great fun, i love it, but given the time (and cost) of getting in a van and drive around southern europe, i dont see it taking me to future level in one year, although we could have a blast

Regarding Asia, of it is doable in Asia in dozens of different locations. Although shanghai or china in general might not be first choice for several practical reasons, including some mentioned by u QiRoy

Re video, pls go ahead QiRoy and share with the world, ill do so when I feel that I need or want to, and for the record, i would not mind the vox populi at all (I promise though at some point to post three videos showing my progress from early 2009 to late 2010). QiRoy, dont worry about ur level or "being in the way", as i said the greater the span of level in the group the more players are needed and also if ur a 3.0 player finding additional local players to play with is easy. Me Im going ahead now so if im alone I will make a set up intended for one person, in the sense that I will rent a studio or one bedroom apart, find local players to play with on an ad hoc basis and make an arrangement with a local future player. In this situation, if u were to join for one months in lets say Argentina i december, u would have an accomodation issue and the whole thing would change a bit compared to being a group of people starting together from the onset, living together, supporting each other, hanging out etc.

Thanks for the words of encouragement tennis_balla, sounds really interesting with ur coaching experience.
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