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@ Peoplespace....You're completely right. Bulgaria's winter weather is NOT conducive to tennis. As for Portugal, I'm not sure, but I'd think that most of Europe would be pretty ****.

Okay, well I'll throw a video out there to hopefully get the ball rolling then guys. But first a bit of background....

So, I played when I was 9,10 and 11 years oldish. Then stopped. I'm turning 30 Next month.

Last year I took a complete novice friend out for a hit with my old prince lightning 90's We had maybe 6-10 pretty horrible hits in the first half of the year, then went overseas.

While overseas, I bought a new racket and think I had 2 hits with a friend in London with it.

Then, this year, with my novice friend, I had about 6ish more hits. Then had to travel for business/pleasure, so I decided to take my racket with me and see how much tennis I could get in and how much I could improve.

Since leaving New Zealand on the 29th of August I managed to have about 7 hits in Canada, 3 in Bulgaria and 3 1/4 in China. (The 1/4 being when I rolled my ankle).

About the video.....

Obviously there was no use me sending video of me hitting terrible shots into the net or sky. So, the forehand/backhand shots are 'best-of' (technique-wise) in my opinion. (Still a work in progress obviously)

I'm aware that a one perspective camera shot of snippets of shots aren't very accurate in judging my level. It's definitely lower than what I look like in this video, but I am reasonably confident that with some regular, descent, focused training and troubleshooting, I can become reasonably consistent. And my fitness and footwork surely can only improve seeing as I'm yet to focus on these points. I was horrified by how sluggish I was when watching footage back.

Unfortunately, the Great Firewall of China doesn't seem to like Youtube or Dropbox, so I'm trying to sort something else out now......
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