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@ develito......i not sure what to say, as im not sure if u are serious about joining or not, but ill assume for a minute that u are!? What would be ur goal, what would it take to get u there and is that compatible with what we r talking about doin? Why not be concerned about that instead of being concerned or even irritated it seems, with the goals and assumptions of others? U believe u could out hit me and whoever, u could be right or maybe not (if that is u playing with the cap in the videos that u are linkin to on youtube). What I know is that if u had me and whoever plus a future level player to drill and match play with on a daily basis, that u would have plenty of opposition for that part of ur tennis development inputs to be in place, the rest is up to u, ur talent and hard (and appropriate) work. Playing tournaments is good for ur game but not if it takes alot of time away from working on ur shots, tactics, game plan, fitness, etc etc. But hey, u used to play challangers so that should all be 101 for u right?
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