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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
It's too early to talk about him playing pro. He still has 2 years in college before he can even think about turning pro.

How long ago did you see him play in juniors?
Klahn has grown a lot as a player over the last year or two, his shots are more powerful today than they were a year ago, and it doesn't look to me that he goes for broke. He seems to be pretty patient in rallies most of the time, and attack the short balls.
I saw him played in Anaheim in 2006. Yes, he's bigger and stronger. I was not saying about his junior tennis, I simply stated that it was nice to see a kid play near your backyard and then a few years later you see him play on Armstrong Stadium in the USOpen. We differ on the playing style of Klahn, I see him as a free-swinging player with no strategies, and you see him as a pretty patient player. But let's see how he'll play when he has to play the qualies to get into the tourneys if he wants to test the pro scene later on.
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