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Originally Posted by QiRoy View Post

Bracing myself for the criticism......but please, please either make it constructive or funny:P
Don’t take it the wrong way, I wasn’t trying to make any of my comments personal, just a wake up call speaking from experience. I watched your video, you have potential. That’s all I can tell you. Another thing I can tell you is your footwork, preparation and shot recovery suck. BUT that’s to be expected. When you take lessons at 30 is a pro going to make you run and do sprints and work on footwork? Or are they just going to feed you balls and work on your strokes because that’s what you paid for. Also please don’t confuse footwork with fitness level. You can be a marathon runner or sprinter and still have horrible footwork when it comes to tennis.

A huge part of tennis at high levels is footwork. Standing still your strokes have solid mechanics. Once you start running your game goes from hero to zero. That’s all due to your footwork. Another mistake most people do in practice is they just rally back and forth. Back and forth I can give an ATP pro a good hit and practice. Back and forth is easy. In a match you will never be hitting “back and forth”. Everything will be on the run and end up looking ugly. What you have to do is develop practice drills that force you to move and recover.

The plus side is that at your age and ability I think with 1 year of intensive training you can definitely make a nice jump in skill level.

In terms of this entire project. I’d propose something along the lines of spending 6 months- 1 year before taking the time and money to do this to train and prepare for it. When you get together in a group you want to already be at a confident level so you can start hitting up tournaments and working on the little things intensively. The last thing you want to do is meet up and have to spend 1 year training hard just to get to the point where you should have been originally. Footwork drills, movement and some basic match play should be something you can accomplish on your own.

Not to mention that starting out the program by yourself original will get you into a proper shape that when you meet up you can start paying intensively without it being a shock to your body so you’re not wasting time on recovery and injuries.
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