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@Devilito - Thank you so much for your post. I really, really do appreciate the time you've spent to be constructive and respect your experienced opinion.

What you said, resembles a lot of my own thoughts, but it's great to hear it from an experienced, high-level player. It gives me more confidence that my self analysis is at least 'in the ballpark'.

Yep, footwork is HORRIBLE at this point I know. And hero to zero once I start running, sums it up nicely! (Although obviously not a hero to begin with either) Do you know where I could find good footwork drills on the net by any chance? I've found a few that usually involve a ladder type grid and different patterns. Then, theres the fuzzyyellowballs footwork vid that was interesting. However, I haven't been on court enough to really get down to business and focus on footwork yet.

When I asked the coach in Shanghai about the level of my footwork (wanting him to confirm it was crap and give me some direction) he said, "well, you got to the balls that I was hitting to the corners". I tried to get more in depth, but he struggled with his English and my Mandarin is even worse.

In terms of the project, well, I understand that you think being at a confident level to begin with would be best. I agree. It sounds like peoplespeace might already be there level-wise. As you could see, I'm not, but the idea really resonated with me and depending on the goals and levels of the others in the group, I think it could still be worth a shot for me and at this stage December this year suits me.

Anyway, thanks again for your time Devilito. I really am grateful for it.

I'm interested to hear peoplespeace's 2 cents too.
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