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Wish I would I have known you when I was going to USF. Anyways, I'm out of state right now until August. Unfortunately I'll be in the Orlando area so we won't be able to play during the week but maybe when I get back we can set something up for the weekends. I definitely need to practice to get back to my 4.5/5.0 form.

Anyways, I still have a buddy that I used to play with that remains in that area. His name is Jeff Miner and his # is (email me if you still need it). He is DYING to find people to play with so give him a ring, tell him that Lester told you to call him.

Also, one of the assistant tennis coaches of the USF women's team is another buddy of mine. I don't have his # but his name is Jonathan Collazo. If you swing by USF you may be able to run into him.

Best of luck and see you soon!
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