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Originally Posted by TennisAddict121 View Post
Wilson makes better rackets than Dunlop , they perform better, they are better. Wilson's QC isn't as good as the Dunlop's.
Personally I'd only play with a few brands and neither one we are talking about is included. Dunlop sponsorship to Junior players is one of the easiest to get, that is why you see many playing, because they just want free stuff to play with.
Buckethead has proven time and again that he hates Dunlop for whatever reason...He loves Yonex and Volkl. Period. He says the sponsorship is so easy to get (Babolat's is the easiest to get, by the way), but my guess is that he tried to get one and and was denied, so he feels like he needs to trash them every chance he gets. Take his bitter and biased comments for what they're worth...nothing.[/QUOTE]

Babolat is an easy sponsorship to get have intrigued me[/QUOTE]

it is not that I hate Dunlop, it is that their rackets suc.. therefore I hated them. Why don't I hate Volkl, Yonex, Pacific, Tecnifibre, Pro Kennex, they all have at least a couple good rackets that perform well, but Volkl and Yonex do have the entire line better than anything, and that is why, after demoing so many I decided to stick with whatever these 2 brands make, I just trust them, that is all. Head is a brand that don't like their policies neither, giving cra..p to customers that give their brand money while the real rackets only go to the pro's.How pathetic this is, and isn't what Dunlop does as well?
But I have had enough of this Dunlop thing, I really don't like them and I already chose the brands I will always play with, because I they are just better than the others, period.
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