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Originally Posted by Shaolin View Post
I dont know what Melzer did to you personally to make you hate the guy so much but journeymen do not put up the kind of results that this guy does (making the 2nd week at 3 out of 4 majors is incredible). You want a journeyman player check out someone like Teimuraz Gabashvilli, Marcos Daniel or Ivo Minar...or Americans like Robert Kendrick, Lester Cook, Ryler Deheart, Kevin Kim etc. Journeymen grind it out in challengers and usually do not make it out of the 1st round when they do get to majors.

Melzer is not exactly a world beater but the guy is currently ATP 13 which is sick and deserves respect, he is extremely talented.
That is a stellar list of journeymen. You can also add Cecil Mammitt and Eric Taino...I would also add Buckethead to any list of journeymen high school tennis players.
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