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GUYS STOP BEING STUPID. AT PRO LEVEL THE QUALITY IS ABOUT AS GOOD ACROSS ALL BRANDS, SO IT DOES NOT MATTER TO THEM ONE BIT. Why do people make stupid comments like Dunlop are crap, they are not, they have produced some of the best frames over the years. I've seen more Wilson and Babolats broke that Dunlop, Tecnifibre, Yonex and other smaller brands if you like. My T Flash 315's beat the crap out of a PDR for build quality and feel and have silicone in the handle. Lets just be about right and say Dunlop are not crap, they may not suit you and you may just not like them, like I dont like the feel of Prince these days but I know they are still good frames. As for Davydenko, his frames will be tailor made to his liking, top level stuff
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