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Originally Posted by gotwheels View Post
Ash, I am always looking for an alternative to Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, but keep going back to it as my SG (along with Prince SG Original) for its quality, playability (crisp, durable, reasonable tension maintenance). How do RAB Texflex and Head PPS compare to the Prince SG w/D in these characteristics? Would a club player be able to distinguish either from the Prince in a blind test?

For others - have you found a synthetic gut that is a clone of the Prince SG w/ Duraflex?

RAB Texflex I doubt they'd be able to tell any difference, if anything I prefer it and generally get through reels and reels of the stuff - the price I get it for makes it about 30 cheaper per reel than PSG, which helps! Head PPS is more similar to (on a par with) Tecnifibre Syn Gut that PSG, it's a solid core synthetic which has a pearlescent coacing for easier stringing.

Go for the Texflex if you can get it! You or your customers wont regret it!

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