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Originally Posted by tennisman917 View Post
One string i always have is the forten string 16g
Yeah, I like Forten...that is, if you're referring to Forten Sweet. It's not to shabby in a full bed with it's soft, cushioned feel. I also like it as a cross. I need to pick up a reel of that sometime in the near future.

Originally Posted by Radicalized View Post
I'm surprised to see Pro Supex here--well, maybe not as much from the poster from Australia. I use Premier Ace on and off, but if I ever needed to find it "around" instead of ordering it myself and stringing, it would seem impossible. Even so, I personally (and again, not a pro stringer) know of only one place to get it.
What's surprising to me is that you're surprised to see Pro Supex get mentioned. It's a pretty popular string on these boards--great stuff.
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