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Originally Posted by Parker512 View Post
Do you think mantis power synthetic would be good by itself.
Well, I've never hit with it, but I string it for quite a few customers, and thus far EVERYONE loves it, so I say give it a go - see whatcha think.

Originally Posted by tennisnoob3 View Post
no1 under high school age should be stringing for any1. why would any high school kid want a elementary/middle school child to string his racquet for him?
Might want to re-read his post, tennisnoob3. He simply asked about stringing for high school kids and very young kids.

That's kind of a tough one because some of the HS kids here are pretty darn good, and they use strings like Prince Recoil (I stock it special for one kid) Pro Hurricane, and the like. Then there are those (mostly JV) where all they need is a basic synthetic like Gosen OG-Sheep Micro and they're good to go. The same is true for the younger kids. I've used Prince lightning in a few racquets for really young kids because of the variety of colors, but definitely stick with a very inexpensive string - otherwise it's pretty much a waste of money.
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