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Originally Posted by tennisnoob3 View Post
no1 under high school age should be stringing for any1. why would any high school kid want a elementary/middle school child to string his racquet for him?
Now what kind of a statement is that??

I started stringing in 1968 and I was only 13 years old at the time.
Back then i strung a good # of racquets, as no one in my area was stringing at that time, and I was taught by an old timer that strung for a very long time, and knew his stuff.
It is not the age that matters, its doing the job properly, and being conscientious of what you are doing, and doing it to the best of your ability.
There are some stringers out there at various ages, that just don't follow protocols, and take inappropriate short cuts to get the job done.Its not the age of the stringer that matters, its how well the job is accomplished.
I rather have a young stringer to string my racquet that did the right job, than an older one that takes the easy way out.
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