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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
I'd suggest charging a 'fair' rate to 'customers' and go freebie for the folks who can't afford to pay(if that's what you are trying to accomplish by charging so little) for your labor. If you are performing a quality service, you should certainly get more than $5 for your labor, IMO. Just a thought.
I'm on the team, stringing for the team, against 3 other stringers. lol we all have about the same price as each other...10 dollars for a stringing(we provide the strings(polys)) and 5 for the stringings where you provide them...Honestly, money isn't THAT big of an issue...we already make more than we spend on getting the machine+strings etc. I consider stringing a hobby..and I get money off it. PLUS I save money stringing for myself and get to try out different strings more often.
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