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Originally Posted by Winky View Post
I guess I don't understand. You use the **** outta the shoes and then send them back because you used them so much they wore through? How is that a manufacturing defect?
it's not a defect. it's a warranty because the company guarantees 6 months on certain shoes' outsoles. so if you wear through that outsole within the time frame they will send you a new pair.

the companies must have done enough research to make a profit on these kind of warranties by increasing the price of the shoe knowing that the majority of players will not be able to wear through the outsole. this calculation must have included the avg. hour played per week/month for the avg. player and calculated the avg. wear on the outsole for this given time. players that are able to claim this warranty therefore must either harder (more running/stopping movements per calculated time) on their shoes than the avg. player, or they must play more than the avg. time calculated.

it too me ~70 hrs of play to wear through my shoes enough for warranty. I accomplished this is about 3-4 months. for some people they will not be able to play 70 hrs in that time period (it was summer for me so i had plenty of free time). Instead they play 70 hrs in 8 months and won't be able to qualify for warranty. given this calculation this person plays tennis for about 2 hrs a week. To get it down to 6 months a person would have to play a little less than 3 hrs a week. so for weekend warriors and people with jobs, play time is limited to the weekends usually. and if it rains on that weekend they probably won't make the warranty time.
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