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Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
wow, wilson syn-gut installed for $22.

You would need to drive to my house and string it on the spot for that $$$ mark-up. Just kidding-

I know shops can charge $20 labor, but they have overhead and only give the stringer about $10.

Getting certified will help your cause, but you need to drop you labor charge a bit-
This is what I charge. $20 labor and I don't mark up string.
My objective is not to compete with anyone. There's really no other professional stringers in my town. (I'm not including the local "box" sports stores).
I put my service on par with the pro shop 25 miles away. My objective is to offer "pro shop" quality service at a reasonable price. I also offer immediate turn around, at no additonal charge.
I charge $20 labor, whether I provide the string or not.
I'm USRSA Certified, use pro shop quality equipment (Star 5) and have probably 3k frames under my belt.
I inspect frames, clean them, tube or replace cracked grommets, etc......and rubber band a service tag to the handle showing date/frame/string/tension and my contact info.
I also keep a crap ton of over wraps on hand and replace them gratis, with any sign of ware.
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