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Most of it's been covered, I'll just echo what I found to be important:

Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I am sure he has paid for the rights to use Roger Federer's and Andre Agassi's pictures on his website. 'Bottle Rocket' you did pay for those picture rights didn't you? You have heard of copyright infringement, haven't you?

Just in case you are not aware, photographers pay for the rights to use pictures of famous people and sell those pictures to others that want to use those pictures in marketing. Now if you take a picture of Roger playing tennis and stick it on your desktop there is no problem. If you use that picture to market something it is a different story. Trust me, you do not want some lawyer sending you a letter explaining this to you.
You shouldn't be using copyrighted images on your site. You can't (in this case) even use them while crediting the source/photographer. You're making money using these images, so you need to get them licensed. You can't use these under creative commons licensing, etc.

Originally Posted by MAX PLY View Post
I agree with the point on "inexpensive" above--I think you would be better off focusing on value and experience (although as to this latter point, 5 years doesn't seem that long). I think you should strongly consider getting a USRSA certification--otherwise you are just a guy who has been playing a lot less than me who thinks he knows how to string. Likewise, words like "fiddling" are not terribly persuasive to me in seeking a qualified stringer. If I am a college student looking to get my sticks done cheaply, maybe I use you--but if I really care, your site does not compel me to use you--sorry.
List your labor charge. Having two choices kind of sucks. If i were looking for a stringer, I'd like to know how much they charge if i bring my own strings. The certification suggestion is a good one if you are at all serious about making considerable money from this.

Originally Posted by Radicalized View Post
While you sound like you are being honest, your "About Me" page (if anyone ever gets there) is not going to sell for you. So many more people on this board have more qualifications than you--and in its current form, anyone who knows anything about tennis would be able to guess that. It is not written to impress. If you are a 4.5 tournament player, say that. If you have experience stringing various racquets with a variety of string types and set-ups, say that--but on another page. Keep it simple.The page (I'm sorry) sounds like a bad resume.

With a background in engineering...
NTRP 4.5 player...
Short. Simple. Don't add things on the "About Me" page to try to sell. Leave that for the main or a FAQs page. The "About Me" page should include that info, as noted above, that will make people think, "I'm dealing with an intelligent person who actually knows the sport." This is after you've explained the benefits of quality racquet stringing and so forth on the appropriate pages. That's it.

And this, as noted by others, "specialize in inexpensive racket stringing" means what? That translates into, whether you think so or not, "cheap." You sell yourself as "quality" and start off being "inexpensive." Smart "consumers" wonder why things are cheap. If your market is the person who barely knows string can be changed and it comes in more than just white, maybe they won't care so much. However, if you're talking to the person who wants his "Big Banger" with some softer synthetic than he currently uses, and he feels like the ball is flying on him, you can bet he will wonder. And your prices aren't anything special to even bother saying "inexpensive." Maybe "reasonable." For Cyber Flash, that amounts to what, about $18 for the stringing if a person were to buy his own string? That is not unheard of elsewhere, and you are just entering the market. You can't fight a battle with competitors simply by deflating the market, if that were to become the case. You'll doom yourself soon enough.
With your qualifications, as mentioned above, your prices aren't actually that cheap. I've been stringing for ~10 years now, and I've got thousands, and thousands of racquets under my belt, but I charge ~$10 labor. Could I charge more? Yep. Should I charge more? Probably. However, I've never really marketed myself as someone who is trying to string racquets (aggressively). I'm an engineer as well, and that's my primary focus and source of income, and stringing has largely been leisure/hobby for me in the past. I've never bothered to get my MRT due to this fact. I move around a lot (due to not living near my school), so keeping a reliable customer base has never been worth the overhead for me. I also keep a much more comprehensive stock of string than 2 offerings, but at the same time, I STILL often don't have what people are looking for (Gamma Livewire, Wilson NXT, etc). The overhead of stocking really popular strings (and keeping several in stock) is a big difference between you and your pro shop competitors. They've sunk thousands and thousands of dollars having what people WANT. When someone comes to you looking for Prince synthetic gut with Duraflex, an you only stock extreme, they're compromising, and taking something they don't really want. How can you deal with this?

Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
wow, wilson syn-gut installed for $22.

You would need to drive to my house and string it on the spot for that $$$ mark-up. Just kidding-

I know shops can charge $20 labor, but they have overhead and only give the stringer about $10.

Getting certified will help your cause, but you need to drop you labor charge a bit-
Sorry, but I agree. $15 for a non certified stringer with relatively limited experience and/or low frame count (what does 5 years of experience mean if you string 10 racquets a month? I might do that in <6 months... total!) is pretty good. Most stringers starting out at my college charge ~$10, first racquet free. It depends a lot on your competition, of course, but people will come back to me because I am able to turn the frame around quickly, provide a consistent, and predictable string bed, and I've strung for ~5 years for a DI college team. I can't really be THAT bad if I'm stringing for a top 25 school, right?
Originally Posted by Jeffy005 View Post
You should also include LABOR PRICE on your site....

But hey man i would love to get my racquet restring by you, instead of driving all the way down to OLATHE.....
Yep, include labor price. I wouldn't be contacting you because I wouldn't want cyberflash or extreme. While Cyberflash is extremely popular among us tennis/string heads, ask any average tennis player, they've NEVER heard of it.

IMHO, in the "about me" section, it should be an "about the services," what you offer over someone else. You should also have an educational page, IMHO, as to why stringing is important, and how you address this. This can be eliminated, depending on your approach, but I think the about me page is largely irrelevant.

I'd also consider improving your stock.
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