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Originally Posted by Seth View Post
For those experienced with customization, if one wanted to weigh/balance a stock PDRGT+ to match Roddick's, where and how much lead tape would be used?

I understand it won't be the same because of his being the swirly frame and silicon in the handle, but it would be fun to try anyway.
You're looking at getting to 345g static and a balance of 33cm.

If you add 8g of lead under the bumper of the pdr plus, that will give you a static of 345 and a balance of 32.9cm. That's pretty spot on.

I will tell you that it will swing pretty heavy like that though: that puts the swing weight at 364.

I've got mine at 340g and a balance of 32.6cm and it's a nice compromise: you can really whip them fast but there's still alot of hurt on the ball with the weight.

Remember that Arod is modding up a regular PD. I did a similar setup on my 2 apd pluses: 15g in the handle and 8g under the bumper: that put me at 32.6cm balance and 342g.(NOTE: you can do the exact same thing if you end up with the PD in a trade) You can use two 1/4oz fishing weights, you can pop them under the trap door of the butt and use some cotton to keep them quiet: your cost: $1.50 at walmart Then just put the lead under the bumper and you're done.

The difference is that the weight on my apd's is now really polarized at the tips and it comes around a bit quicker than the pdr. But, the PDR feels more solid IMO.
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