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Again, I can't stress this enough: Keep it simple. The customer will appreciate it when clicking around to get the information.

Without completely changing your page formatting:
For example, main page: Quality (lighting is the key) photo at your machine. They are dealing with an individual. You might as well put yourself out there. Short and direct statement about racquet stringing. Use bullet points to list your additional services. Add a link to the services and pricing immediately after.
Services and pricing page: Short description of the benefits of each service. Add a link to a FAQs page ("For more information about...") for specific answers to questions a customer may have. Create a FAQs page.
Pricing: Make it easy to read. Again, make a list or better, create a table if you know how. List the price for stringing with user-supplied string, too. You might want to have a larger inventory as others have mentioned. As you might have obvious issues with creating inventory, you might like to inquire about what to stock when at the courts and so forth. Also, you might mention that you may be able to obtain specific items with enough lead time.

Perhaps mimic a known competitor to some extent. For example, I can tell you what the big box store in my area that provides a stringing service sells, more or less, to give you an idea:
Big Banger ALU Power
Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex
Prince Lightning XX
Wilson Sensation
Wilson NXT
Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme
Gamma Live Wire
Gamma TNT2
Gamma Zo Twist
Head Synthetic Gut PPS
Head FXP
…and maybe a couple of others.
This list wouldn't cover the people on this board, that is for sure. Here, people are mostly picking them off the wall at some price point. Another local store isn't much different. If I were to do what you are--and don't worry anyone, I'm not--aside from the stringing services, for most cases I'd be saving the customer a round-trip "25-40 minute" drive time, depending on the store.

FAQs page: IF a vistor wants/needs to read additional technical details, put them here where they aren't clogging up your main pages.

About: I think this is beneficial in your case. But as noted earlier, thin it out. Keep the "you" and the "sale/facts" separate. Student at UMKC. Engineering background. NTRP 4.5 player. So, that tells them, you're a local guy with intelligence, and you know the game. And if they're sure you are around, and they can contact you, there will be less trepidation with trying your service. Sell yourself well, as you really don't have much experience, and as you don't have a "name" behind you. You're a 4.5--Picture of YOU hitting the ball IF you want to fill space currently taken up by Fed! Don't be shy. The business IS you.
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