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Default Good idea

Good to know you're available. I assume you're looking for customers that will mail racquets to you, you string them and mail them back. Is that part of the business plan? I would consider using your services that way.

I think most people here are being overly critical. Not surprising. I agree you should probably take off the "inexpensive" theme.

Some of us would be more inclined to play with polys if we had an easy way of getting our racquets restrung frequently. This would be for those who can afford to have multiple racquets and spend the money for restringing frequently. Obviously, getting a stringing machine and learning to use it is an option and I am considering that.

You might want to add something about shipping and such and what the turnaround time and costs are for that.

Good luck with it. I'm sure you do a very good job.

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