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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
The three reels I always stock are all from RAB - Texflex Premium (syn.gut), SensorFibre (multi) and EnduraFlex (poly). I will occasionally back these up with some Mantis PowerPoly and Confort Synthetic.

If somebody really wants something dirt cheap, they can either bring their own or I'll order something in - usually once I have a chat and explain to people the differences in quality and therefore playability/durability people don't mind spending a bit more to get the quality.


Hey Ash - I stock TexFlex (great all-round syn gut), have used SensorFibre which I think is an excellent "comfortable" string for hybrids and have tried EnduraFlex which is ok, but I currently have EnduraEdge which is fine for a reasonable stock poly.

If you haven't tried Endura Edge ask Richard at RAB for a free set to try. I get on fine with it and a reel is fairly cheap IIRC.
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