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Reserved for Tourna Quasi Gut 16 Review...

Just opened the Quasi Gut package last night and cut my string lengths. This looks like it will be an easy string to work with on my stringing machine. I strung up the Quasi last night with no difficulties whatsoever. It looks more like a thin 16L gauge than 16g. I bounced the ball off it a few times afterwards and it had that nice muted feel.

I played almost 3 sets today. I was on and my opponent was a little hungover so it's tough to say if this is "the one". The stringbed felt very tight and I know the tension is correct because I calibrated my machine last night. I had a little more elbow pain today but I have not used my Flexbar in over a week, so I need to get back on that program.

The good: First serves were very nice with this string. I was getting almost an ace per game with slices and flat serves. Even though the RSI rated this string #7 overall in power, I feel this is really a control string. Most of my misses were because I hit the frame and not the string. Seemed to be a pretty good volleying string too but not quite as nice as the RIP Control. Drop shots were effortless with this string, maybe even better than the Mantis. The string does not move much and when it does, you can't move it back with just your finger. It really gets locked into place.

The bad: Had 3 or 4 rally balls that sprung off the racket and went way long but I can deal with that low number. The worst thing about this string is lack of spin potential. More like none! My 2nd serve had very little kick on it and if I was playing against a better returner, it would have been getting punished today. My consistency today made up for lack of spin. We'll see how it goes next time out with this string. TW offers this string for $8.95.

My game is heavily dependent on spin, so I cut this one out after the initial outing and due to the elbow issues.

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