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Reserved for Head Rip Control 16 Review...

I strung this one up last night and what a bear it was to work with. Unlike the Mantis which just uncoiled perfectly, this string took me 10 minutes to cut the string for my 2 piece job. I've never seen a string have so many knots! It felt nice and stiff but still was a little bit of a problem with conflict holes. Weaving the string is almost comical how hard it is to do. Still, I ended up finishing the job in about as much time as it normally takes me. It just felt like such a battle! The string looks cool in my PSTs because I bought the black and white version. The string looks very durable. I bounced a few balls off it and it has that nice muted feel. I really hope I don't like this string because I hated the stringing process with it. I'll hit with it tonight and report back tomorrow. One more thing I forgot to mention is that I always cut my knots with needle nose pliers. This is the only string that I had to clip twice because I could not cut it off on the first try.

OK, so I hit with this string last night. It was in the mid-80s buy very dry so conditions were fast even on clay.

The Good: I averaged about an ace per game. This string is terrific for flat bombs and pretty darn good for kickers too. Spin potential on groundies is better than any other multi I have tried. For those that care about string movement, this does not move too much. It has a nice muted feel for those who like that.

The Bad: Like the Maxim Touch, this string has a tendency to be a rocket launcher on standard rally balls. I had several shots that landed 10 feet past the baseline.

The Ugly: I tried 5 drop shots the whole match. Four of them landed on my side of the court, the other one hit my opponent's service line. This had no feel for me on droppers.

The string developed what I guess we could call micro frays after about 15 minutes of hitting. It had very tiny frays all over the string bed. This is a good string and I can see why it has developed a cult following. It's also a very soft string like the others I have tested so far. The lack of control on some shots was just too much for me though.

Played again last night with this string. I'm figuring out that to hit a drop shot, I need to just try and hit a short slice. The string is holding up very well after 4 sets with 2 big hitters. TW offers this string for $8.95.

I cut it out after the 2nd outing. Control just was not there for me.

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