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Originally Posted by tball View Post
For tennis, 2 weights are used on LaserFibre: the thin and the thick. Are you using both?
Yes, Both weights were used.

Originally Posted by Love50 View Post
Like tball said, there should be two weights attached together. When you set the reference tension that you want, you are supposed to line up the measurement on the "yard stick" with the base of the weights.

Given the above, are you saying that you set the reference tension to 55 lbs and your measuring device said it was 59 lbs? If that's the case, I don't have an answer for you.

The arm doesn't have to be level but it shouldn't be extremely angled either. Something like a 30 degree range would be ok.
I have two digital scales, both are accurate. I just wanted to verify the tension arm does not have to be level like other drop weight machines. This my first time using a LF ML200TT, so I wanted to be sure. On other DW machines I've used I set the weight to the mark on the bar and it's pretty close to refference tension.

I'm still not sure why it's off by so much. Though the "yard stick" is for a Stringway machine, but I'm told it's the same as a LF "stick". For now we marked to tension rod since my friend usually uses 55 lbs.
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