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Edited to Add Head Intellitour review:

I strung it up this afternoon the way they recommended so RIP Feel in the crosses.  They say 22' and 18' for lengths.  I think it is 22' for both.  The strings are oily and I experienced friction burn doing the crosses.  It is the ugly yellow version. I bounced a few balls off it and it felt very nice. I don't want to like this string because it is difficult to string which means I'll probably like it. I'll test it out tomorrow and post back.

I played two long sets this morning. Like the Quasi, first serves were good but I was lacking a big kick on the 2nd serve. The clay courts we were on were damp, so that did not help. Forehands were good and when I decided to rip the 1 hander on my backhand, this string was very good. Spin was less than the RIP Control but more than most multis. Touch volleys and drop shots were fantastic with this string. This is a very control oriented string with that nice muted feel.

I still like the feel of the Mantis and the spin of the RIP Control better, but this is a very good string that I probably won't be cutting out. Like the RIP, I noticed what I would call micro frays on the string but it looks pretty durable. This setup is definitely soft, I only had 1 or 2 shots where I noticed a twinge in my elbow. TW offers this string for $8.95.

I did end up cutting this string out, it seemed to lose some control after a few sets.

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