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Originally Posted by Charles Borchers View Post
I think the machine is fine. The problem is that you should only use the large weight for your ref tension of 55 lbs. If you use both weights you'll be off about 5-6 lbs. Placing the yardstick graduated number at the bottom of the weight is correct.If you look at the yardstick you'll see pictures of the small, large, and combined weights to the left of the 12-23, 20-68, and 66-80 markings. So if you only use the large weight and line up the bottom with 55 you should pull 55 lbs.
This is not correct. From the manual:

B1 Adjusting the tension.
* The tension can be adjusted between 4.5 and 37 kg or 10 to 81 lbs in 3 steps:
- Small weight: 4.5 to 10 kg. or 10 to 22 lbs.
- Large + small weight: 10 - 31 kg or 22 to 68 lbs.
- Large + small weight + extra small weight: 31 - 37 kg or 68 to 81 lbs.
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