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Let me try to clarify my thinking on the stringway weights. I have always thought of the "large+small" weight as one large weight since you can only use the large half when it is screwed to the small one.When I bought my machine ten years ago I also got the "extra small " weight which I always wrongly thought of as my only small weight.So in my unique way of describing the weights when I say "large+small" I am describing the large+small+extra small combination.Confused yet? Using all three weights and lining the bottom of them up to the 55 lb mark on the ruler I get 60 lbs. Lining them up at the top I get 54 lbs. These readings are similiar to the readings obtained by the OP. Reading back through the prior posts, I don't think that the OP was using three weights, so my readings are useless.
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