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Steve Huff
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I'm assuming you have a quality machine since you're stringing for others, and calling it a business. If you want inexpensive, I'd go with Gosen strings. Prince Nylon--$6?? Like Jim said, why don't you just get Prince Syn w/Duraflex? It's the best-selling string made over the past several years. What are you offering that your competition doesn't? Cheap prices? I guess if you live in an area of a quarter million people, and there's really not much competition, you can offer whatever you want. Normally, when a person breaks into the business, they find out what other stringers are selling, then offering the same for less. Most consumers aren't dumb. They want to compare apples to apples. If you come along with strings they don't know, they'll assume they are cheap. I understand you have a limited budget. String for friends. You can educate your customers as you get them, but you have to beat your competition in some way that makes people come to you as opposed to dropping it off at the club (or sporting goods store) while they are there.
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