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Default Starting my stringing business, looking for thoughts on my flyer

Just a side job to make some spending cash

Need to Restring your racket?
There are now low cost alternatives for those professional prices!
Garrett Arredondo and Milton Dalida are now offering their stringing services to the public at a lower price than anywhere else in town! Cost is $10 ($8 for college and high school players) plus the cost of any string of your choice.

Some of the strings in stock*:

Prince Lightning XX, 17 g, black, powerful synthetic gut - $8
Prince Syn. Gut w/duraflex, 16 g, black, white, gold; durable synthetic - $6
Prince Syn. Gut w/duraflex, 17 g, gold, white;
more playable, spin friendly than 16g - $6
Luxilon Alu Big Banger Power, 16L g, silver;
top choice of the ATP/ WTA pros - $20
Luxilon Alu Big Banger Power Rough,16L g, silver;
more spin-friendly version Alu Power - $20
Wilson Sensation,16 g, natural;
arm-friendly multifilament - $10

*This list is not limited, special orders are welcome and this list will grow in the next few months. You name the string and it will become available!
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