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Originally Posted by Ennismt View Post
Thanks for doing these reviews. I have been interested in these strings. I look forward to your write-ups.

I really like NXT but hate paying the price. Instead, I like to find a good multi to put in the mains (16 g) and then a less expensive syn gut in the crosses (currently its OG micro 17). I have been fortunate to find a couple excellent multis on sale in the past 6 months (k-gut and Xcel), but expect to see the day when I don't find the sale and need a good multi at a good price. Also, it would be nice to settle on one multi and not have to change. I am hopeful that your reviews will lead me to that string!

I did not mention in the initial post, but one of my goals was to find a value oriented multi preferably in reel form. Maxim Touch, Mantis Comfort, Quasi Gut and Isospeed all meet those criteria. RIP Control is the only that does not come in reel form but the price is still good.
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